BLFS "Gnome 1.4" complete

Larry Lawrence larry at
Sat Jun 5 07:22:07 PDT 2004

On Sat, 05 Jun 2004 01:52:01 -0500, Randy McMurchy wrote:

> ======================
> Gnome Print:
> The link to the patch is broken.
> ====================
It will work after release, patch staff did some updating and we are
coordinating with them so several patches links are broken in cvs.

> ==================
> Gnome Virtual FS:
> 1. "As with most libraries, there is no configuration to do, save that the
> library directory i.e., /opt/lib or /usr/local/lib should appear in
> /etc/ so that ldd can find the shared libraries. After checking
> that this is the case, /sbin/ldconfig should be run while logged in as
> root."
> This should probably removed as it conflicts with where the libraries are
> installed.
> (as if you haven't noticed, I disagree with this generic message being
> included in *any* of the instructions.)
> Perhaps this message could be revised to just include a message to run
> ldconfig as the root user.
> I'll never mention this again, though, so consider this as just a last
> reminder that I don't like it.  :-)
It is a known problem, I cleaned up most, but never finished testing all. 
There are two packages that still require this warning IIRC, but it may
not need to be the generic one since it has reduced that much.


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