tcp_wrappers 7.6

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at
Fri Jun 4 07:16:39 PDT 2004

I'm not quite sure which list this belongs in - I guess it's really a 
BLFS concern, but since the error was produced on a BELFS system, I 
thought lfs-hackers might appreciate the note.

Anyway, when compiling tcp_wrappers_7.6 on my BELFS system which is 
based on CVS-20040524, I ran into the following error:

"scaffold.c:28: error: conflicting types for 'malloc'"

The solution was to comment out line 28 which reads:
"extern char *malloc();"
and replace with:
"#include <stdib.h>"

A note I read said this error occurs because of ANSI expectations of the 
compiler - so does that make it strictly a compiler issue or is it the 
change in libraries?

Jeremy Huntwork

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