BLFS "Basic Networking Utilities"

Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Tue Jun 1 05:20:20 PDT 2004


"This chapter contains some tools that come in handy
when the network need some investigating"

s/some //g  also  s/need/needs/


1. "Adjusts the Makefile so that the program"

s/Makefile/Makefile created by the configure script/

2. "Installs traceroute with UID set to root"


3. "problem such as a buffer overflow were ever found"

s/were/was/  I think it's singular/plural disagreement.

4. "Removing the SUID permission of course also makes it 
impossible "

"Of course" should probably be at the beginning of the

5. "Now, to be completely FHS compliant, as is our aim,"

Better as: "Our aim is to be completely FHS compliant, so"

6. "showing all the intermediate steps (routers) along the

s/routers/gateways/ is probably more technically correct


1. "GTK+-1.2.10 (for building the front-end)"

Perhaps insert "graphical" before "front-end" also
GTK+-1.2.10 should be a recommended dependency. With the
GUI front end, the program is 10 times better.

2. "The Nmap package contains nmap."

Personal opinion only: the sentence should also include
"and optionally nmapfe (graphical front end).


1. "The Whois package contains whois ."

Remove the space before the end-of-sentence period.

Bind Utilities:

1. "Command explanations" use a different tag than the
majority of the book.


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