postgresql and qt

Michael Brömer mib at
Wed Jan 22 03:10:16 PST 2003

Maybe it would be a goot idea to include a note
either with the installation of postgresql or qt
that for qt to support postgresql databases
all that has to be done is to compile the
appropriate sqldriver-plugin for qt.

Something like
:> cd $QTDIR/plugins/src/sqldrivers/psql
:> export PATH=$PATH:/$QTDIR/bin
:> qmake -o Makefile \
:>    "INCLUDEPATH+=/<path to your postgresql headers>" \
:>    "LIBS+=-L/<path to your postgresql libs> -lpq"
:> make
should do. For this to work you need either a configured
postgresql sourcetree or you have to copy some header
files from the sourcetree to you postgresql installation.

When i think again it might be better to include a note
with the qt installation, since there is also support for
mysql and ODBC databases available.

With these drivers you can access databases using
koffice, qtdesigner, etc.

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