CUPS and Ghostcript in CVS

Stephan Johach hunsum at
Sat Jan 18 10:05:15 PST 2003

Richard A Downing schrieb:
> Unfortunately I cannot seem to get Ghostscript to install a pstoraster,
> and
> cups doesn't install it either.  So this is still broken.
> In your build instructions how does pstoraster.convs get installed in
> /etc/cups?  And where does /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstoraster come from?

pstoraster is in the cups package, but it's only a wrapper script. The
actual driver is provided by ghostscript.

GhostScript 8.0 has no pstoraster. At least there's no devcups.c file any
more. I tried to copy the pstoraster driver from cups to the ghostscript
build dir and patch the makefile as stated but it didn't compile.

If there's support for cups in ghostscript 8.00 it's very hidden.

I had to go back to espgs 7.05 for now.

There should be a warning for the user in the ghostscript 8.0 chapter.


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