Dependancy Problems [I think...]

Grant Murray email at
Wed Apr 16 08:21:24 PDT 2003

conathan at wrote:
> I dont know if anyone cares, but I noticed a few things that relate to
> dependancies.  [although it's more likely I am mistaken].  (I am working
> on scripting some sections of BLFS for my own purposes).
> GTK is a library for use within X.  [and when I compiled it, it complained
> when XFree86 was missing].  it is not listed in dependancies.

However, it is in the section titled 'X Libraries' which should be 
enough of a clue. And, the user should expect an X dependency if a 
program has anything to do with graphics.

> also, pine looking at the compilation instructions seems to require SSL. 
> It is not mentioned in dependancies [or Will utilize].

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