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#12105: dvisvgm-2.7.1
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Comment (by bdubbs):

 "The command-line utility dvisvgm is a tool for TEX/LaTEX users. It
 converts DVI, EPS, and PDF files to the XML-based vector graphics format

 It appears that this is a highly specialized tool.  Is the benefit of
 adding this to the book worth the manpower cost of adding and maintaining
 all those dependencies?  I would vote no.

 Please note that I am quite familiar with TeX (but I've forgotten a lot).
 I created some substantial applications using TeX (LaTeX was insufficient)
 to publish recurring reports (100s of pages) about 20 years ago.  In that
 case it was an incredible tool, but I've personally not found any need for
 it since.  I have never heard of this tool before today.

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