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#11999: texlive-20190410
 Reporter:  renodr       |       Owner:  blfs-book
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  8.5
Component:  BOOK         |     Version:  SVN
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Gave it a first try on an 8.4 system, using the exact same instructions as
 we currently use for 2018, and make -j1 (because I had poppler problems
 failing to build the prerelease source).

 Chugged on quite a long way, but failed in dvisvgm, undefined references
 to gsapi_exit, gsapi_new_instance and others. This seems to be similar to
 [https://tug.org/pipermail/tlbuild/2018q3/004291.html] (a long thread,
 explaining why TL will not be fixed for system libs in dvisvgm). But the
 patch proposed there for the dvisvgm Makefile.am will not apply, the
 current texk/dvisvgm/dvisvgm-src has nothing like the code it changed.

 Looks as if -lgs (and perhaps -lpotrace) need to be added, but I'm out of
 my depth. Looking at distros, I know a SuSe dev was keen to be ready, I
 thought that was for OpenSuSe but that seems to still be on 2018. Arch
 have 2018, flagged as out of date. Gentoo don't seem to have anything
 after 2017.

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