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#12010: Make bootscript headers consistent so that initd can be used on them
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Comment (by bdubbs):

 The boot scripts we are using in BLFS have been around for a long time.
 Most have not been touched in six or seven years, but they have been
 around since 2004.  DJ was one of the original authors, but I did a lot of
 updating around 2012.

 It looks like DJ initially added the LSB headers in 2011.  I don't
 personally use them because the logic is embedded in the bootscripts

 A couple of observations:

 Levels 3, 4, and 5 should be identical except for the DM entries.  We
 currently have bootscripts for sddm, lxdm, gdm, and lightdm, although we
 archived sddm in BLFS some time ago.

 Looking at the headers, the only script that Provides a capability that
 starts with a $ is netfs ($remote_fs), and that essentially does
 '/bin/mount -a -O _netdev'.  That requires manually editing fstab to have
 an entry option as _netdev.  That explanation is in the book for nfs-utils
 and sshfs, although it could be added to samba.

 Levels 0 and 6 should be identical except for S99halt for level 0 and
 S99reboot for level 6.

 Nothing gets started in level 1.  It just stops everything that might have
 been started in levels 2-5.  The only thing left running is those scripts
 started in runlevel S.

 The only thing that needs to be addressed in runlevel S in the other
 levels is S40mountfs. Then  only in levels 0 and 6 when shutting down or

 Personally I do not recall ever needing to run levels 1, 2, or 4. I only
 use level 5 for testing a DM.

 One last thing.  It's not described in the book very well, but there is a
 capability to step through the bootscripts and run them one at a time, in
 order, skipping those not wanted.  It is a debugging capability, but
 setting IPROMPT="yes" in /etc/sysconfig/rc.site gives the user 3 (can be
 changed) seconds to select interactive mode for running the boot scripts.
 This is LFS specific.  There are a few other tweaks in the rc.site file
 that some may find interesting.

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