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#9783: gtk-xfce-engine fails with glib-2.54
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Yeah, I'm in en_GB.UTF-8 and I first looked at the file in view,
 forgetting that vim has a habit of trying to decide the encoding, and then
 doing conversions - I should have remembered that, but I piped it to less
 (and assumed less would respect my environment). When I write it to a
 file, file tells me it is ISO-8859 text (the original is Non-ISO extended-
 ASCII text.

 With your rearrangement, file tells me it is now UTF-8 Unicode text. Sorry
 about that, it's a long time since I've seen non-unicode text, except on
 web pages and Changelogs, and I've stopped worrying about it in

 Probably I was also wrong about what sed disliked Ö - it accepted it for
 me, but that is no longer in my history (I filled that up :-| ) so I can
 no longer see what I was telling it to do, but probably I changed it to
 8859-1 .

 For the book, whichever version is used needs -i of course.

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