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#9078: gnupg-2.1.20
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 Noteworthy changes in version 2.1.20 (2017-04-03)

   * gpg: New properties 'expired', 'revoked', and 'disbaled' for the
     import and export filters.
   * gpg: New command --quick-set-primary-uid.
   * gpg: New compliance field for the --with-colon key listing.
   * gpg: Changed the key parser to generalize the processing of local
     meta data packets.
   * gpg: Fixed assertion failure in the TOFU trust model.
   * gpg: Fixed exporting of zero length user ID packets.
   * scd: Improved support for multiple readers.
   * scd: Fixed timeout handling for key generation
   * agent: New option --enable-extended-key-format.
   * dirmngr: Do not add a keyserver to a new dirmngr.conf.  Dirmngr
     uses a default keyserver.
   * dimngr: Do not treat TLS warning alerts as severe error when
     building with GNUTLS.
   * dirmngr: Actually take /etc/hosts in account.
   * wks: Fixed client problems on Windows.  Published keys are now set
     to world-readable.
   * tests: Fixed creation of temporary directories.
   * A socket directory for a non standard GNUGHOME is now created on
     the fly under /run/user.  Thus "gpgconf --create-socketdir" is now
     optional.  The use of "gpgconf --remove-socketdir" to clean up
     obsolete socket directories is however recommended to avoid
     cluttering /run/user with useless directories.
   * Fixed build problems on some platforms.

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