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#6696: sg3_utils-1.41
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 Changelog for sg3_utils-1.41 [20150119] [svn: r631]
   - sg_zone: new utility for open, close and finish
     zone commands introduced in zbc-r02
   - sg_rep_zones and sg_reset_wp: change opcodes as
     indicated in zbc-r02
   - sg_read_buffer: add READ BUFFER(16) support (spc5r02)
   - sg_logs: add --enumerate and acronyms
     - allow decode from hex or binary in file
     - decode environmental reporting + limits lpages
   - sg_lib interface: add sg_lib_pdt_decay(), TPROTO_PCIE
     plus support for zoning service actions
   - sg_inq+sg_vpd: fix SCSI name string decoding in
     device identification VPD page (0x83)
     - increase sanity on Unit Serial number VPD page
   - sg_inq: improve NAA handling in dev_id VPD page
     - update version descriptor list to 20141221
   - sg_vpd: add atomic boundary values (sbc4r04)
     - block limits VPD page: fix unmap granularity
       alignment value; spc5r02 additions
   - sg_readcap: add support for ZBC's rc_basis field
   - sg_senddiag: fix bug with --raw option
   - sg_ses: enclosure element: add failure and warning
     acronyms, fix warning indication output
     - additional element status dpage: add PCIe/NVMe
   - rescan-scsi-bus.sh: add --issue-lip-wait option and
     improve error handling
   - sg_modes: make '-HHH' output suitable as input to
     'sdparm --inhex='
   - scsi_logging_level: replace use of tr command
   - sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20150103

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