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#6375: libpng-1.6.17
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 Libpng-1.6.17 Changes since the last public release (1.6.16):

   Removed duplicate PNG_SAFE_LIMITS_SUPPORTED handling from pngconf.h
   Corrected the width limit calculation in png_check_IHDR().
   Removed user limits from pngfix. Also pass NULL pointers to
     png_read_row to skip the unnecessary row de-interlace stuff.
   Added testing of png_set_packing() to pngvalid.c
   Regenerated configure scripts in the *.tar distributions with
   Implement previously untested cases of libpng transforms in pngvalid.c
   Fixed byte order in 2-byte filler, in png_do_read_filler().
   Made the check for out-of-range values in png_set_tRNS() detect
     values that are exactly 2^bit_depth, and work on 16-bit platforms.
   Merged some parts of libpng-1.6.17beta01 and libpng-1.7.0beta47.
   Added #ifndef __COVERITY__ where needed in png.c, pngrutil.c and
     pngset.c to avoid warnings about dead code.
   Do not build png_product2() when it is unused.
   Display user limits in the output from pngtest.
   Eliminated the PNG_SAFE_LIMITS macro and restored the 1-million-column
     and 1-million-row default limits in pnglibconf.dfa, that can be reset
     by the user at build time or run time.  This provides a more robust
     defense against DOS and as-yet undiscovered overflows.
   Allow user to call png_get_IHDR() with NULL arguments (Reuben Hawkins).
   Rebuilt configure scripts with automake-1.15 and libtool-2.4.6
   Moved png_set_filter() prototype into a PNG_WRITE_SUPPORTED block
     of png.h.
   Avoid runtime checks when converting integer to png_byte with
     Visual Studio (Sergey Kosarevsky)
   Removed some comments that the configure script did not handle
     properly from scripts/pnglibconf.dfa and pnglibconf.h.prebuilt.
   Free the unknown_chunks structure even when it contains no data.
   Updated CMakeLists.txt to add OSX framework, change YES/NO to ON/OFF
     for consistency, and remove some useless tests (Alexey Petruchik).
   Remove pnglibconf.h, pnglibconf.c, pnglibconf.pre, pnglibconf.dfn,
     and pnglibconf.out instead of pnglibconf.* in "make clean" (Cosmin).
   Fixed simplified 8-bit-linear to sRGB alpha. The calculated alpha
     value was wrong.  It's not clear if this affected the final stored
     value; in the obvious code path the upper and lower 8-bits of the
     alpha value were identical and the alpha was truncated to 8-bits
     rather than dividing by 257 (John Bowler).

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