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#6352: bluez-5.30
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 The highlight of this release is the completion of the GATT D-Bus APIs.
 now got both the client and server functionality in place, however it’s
 behind the -E (–experimental) command line switch. The API is documented
 doc/gatt-api.txt and there are several test tools for it in the tree (even
 bluetoothctl has support  for it). Another new (and still experimental)
 API that debuts with this release is one for managing LE Advertising, i.e.
 acting in peripheral role. The API is documented in doc/advertising-

 Besides the new features, there are several fixes to AVCTP, AVDTP & AVRCP.
 There’s also a fix for C++ compiler compatibility with the library headers
 well as a fix for device information not being stored in certain corner

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