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#5915: xmlto now apparently uses xmltex/pdfxmltex, not PassiveTex
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 Looking at the valgrind issue, I found a note in Arch that xmlto needs
 pdfxmltex for its docs, and asking if anybody was willing to package that.
 We have it using dblatex (a straightforward build), PassiveTex, and fop
 (which is in the book but brings in a load of dependencies).

 Running configure, now that I have texlive installed (I normally build
 xmlto very early on a desktop : chicken meet egg) I can see that it checks
 for dblatex, xmltex, pdfxmltex (I have both of those, pdfxmltex got into
 the Makefile) and fop. Looks as if it still needs the other two.

 I might build these in my current throwaway build, after I have looked at
 valgrind, or I might not. So for the moment, this is just a claim that our
 deps are incorrect. Whether it can actually build the docs if all the deps
 are presnet remains to be seen.

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