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Thu Sep 10 05:41:08 PDT 2009

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barsnick just announced version 1.0.21a of ALSA driver on

The changes are as follows:

Minor API improvements were made. Changes were made to card-specific
configuration loading.

Project description:

The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture is composed of several parts. The first is
a fully modularized sound driver which supports module autoloading, devfs,
isapnp autoconfiguration, and gives complete access to analog audio, digital
audio, control, mixer, synthesizer, DSP, MIDI, and timer components of audio
hardware. It also includes a fully-featured kernel-level sequencer, a full
compatibility layer for OSS/Free applications, an object-oriented C library
which covers and enhances the ALSA kernel driver functionality for applications
(client/server, plugins, PCM sharing/multiplexing, PCM metering, etc.), an
interactive configuration program for the driver, and some simple utilities for
basic management.

Detailed history and release notes are available here:

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