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#2544: Meet LSB requirements
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 This is a catch all for the LSB compliance bugs.

 Please append any information that the book currently lacks here.

 The initial list:

 1. /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly}
    This is an easy one for fcron.  I'll have to dig up the URL to give
 proper attribution, but a
    simple shell script already exists, and is very well tested, to honor
 these directories and
    it works great in LFS...adds three commands to create the script,
 create the directories, and
    add the times to root's crontab.  We also need to review if fcron's
 crontab syntax meets the
    lsb requirement, or if another cron implementation will be needed.

 2. Initscript processing
    Again easy, and will probably be handled in LFS, all that is strictly
 required is to add the
    LSB headers to our existing scripts, though I have a different idea and
 a good portion of
    of it written already.

 3. Facility names and init script names
    Currently, the apache script should be renamed to httpd.  There are
 others as well, but they
    seem to have slipped my mind ATM.

 4. Add the packages, at, time, RPM, and pax and maybe another cron (See
 Bruce's notes in BLFS-Dev
    on 20080422).

 That is about all I have immediately on the brain, there is more though,
 please update when you find something.

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