[BLFS Trac] #2393: blfs: luit: need one more step: ln -sv /usr/share/X11/locale /usr/lib/X11/locale

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#2393: blfs: luit: need one more step: ln -sv /usr/share/X11/locale
 Reporter:  pdfan                |        Owner:  dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org
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 Keywords:  luit, xterm, locale  |  
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 Yeah, this looks like it's been broken for a long time. Instead of adding
 the symlink, try rebuilding luit with the option
 --libdir=$XORG_PREFIX/share. There's also an option --with-
 localealiasfile, but the problem here is just that libX11 puts all the
 locale stuff in $datadir and not $libdir. I'll see if I can get that

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