Open Office 2.2.1

Tim timthepyro at
Sun Aug 19 03:07:27 PDT 2007

i acquired th 5 different parts of OpenOffice from their homepage....i
extracted them all to the same directory and put the solver directory into
the top level open office directory and then cd into config_office  and ran
autoreconf and configure....configure ran fine.  so i cd .. and ran
./bootstrap   this also finished fine, i then .  (the
newer version of LinuxIntel) sourced itself correctly and then i ran
dmake......everything seems to work fine till about 15-20 mins into the
build when it complains about something to do with java more specifically
the classes..... im not sure if it has to do with me using jdk1.6.0_02 or
not but this is the error:
as you can see the carrots are all under the word 'class' and it complains
of 'unchecked or unsafe operations'  im not sure whats causing this but i
would really like to finish this build so any help would be greatly
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