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#2378: Issues with Java 6u2
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 I noted the following with Java 6.  They may or may not be interesting to

 In Java 6, libdeploy.so is linked against libstdc++.so.5.  The result is
 that the Mozilla plugin will not start.  I worked around this by building
 gcc 3.3.6 and snarfing out libstdc++.  I am assuming if you go ahead and
 do the source build, this won't be an issue.  I do not build this from
 source because I am unwilling to agree to the license (and at least
 sometimes, source versions of updates haven't been available.)

 OpenOffice will not build against Java 6.  There are massive problems in
 the hsqldb subcomponent that appear to be caused by class name conflicts.
 I worked around by temporarily installing a copy of Java 5 to the side
 while building OpenOffice and using --with-jdk-home to point to it.

 - Marty Jack

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