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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Aug 2 16:32:33 PDT 2007

Ag. D. Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 08/02/07 18:13 CST:

> Oh well you said three months, we said the same thing.
> But I play hard. Let's make it end of September.

As it stands, it will take me until the middle of September just to
remove all the note/caution/warning boxes that keep popping up in the
book. :-)

But seriously, there is no rush. Haste makes waste. It is too early
to attempt a timeline at this point. Goals in BLFS are great, but it
is a huge project with not many developers. Hopefully, we can all keep
committing a few hours a week, and things fall into place for a quick


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