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#2208: GNOME-2.18.3
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Changes (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

  * summary:  GNOME-2.18 => GNOME-2.18.3



 Just ran into Gnome Games and gnome-python-desktop is required,
 which means it will need to be added to the book. It is a hassle
 too, note from my configure.log:

 checking for LIBPANELAPPLET... yes
 checking for LIBGNOMEPRINT... yes
 checking for libgnomeprint 2.8 API... found
 checking for LIBGNOMEPRINTUI... yes
 checking for GTKSOURCEVIEW... yes
 checking for WNCK... yes
 checking for TOTEM_PLPARSER... yes
 checking for GTOP... yes
 checking for NAUTILUSBURN... yes
 checking for MEDIAPROFILES... yes
 checking for RSVG... yes
 checking for METACITY... yes
 checking for GNOMEKEYRING... yes
 checking for GNOMEDESKTOP... yes
 checking for bug-buddy... /opt/gnome/bin/bug-buddy

 The configure.{ac,in} (whichever it is) lists all these deps
 and it is a mother. Lots of Deps.....

 I think I'll move over to GnuCash, and get it updated (along
 with Guile) and then we can ditch the GNOME-1 stuff.

 Here is the update status of GNOME-2.18.3:

 There are only some of the "Utility" packages and all the
 "Accessibility" packages left to do. All the "Core" and all
 the "Additional Library" packages have been completed.

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