cvs commit: ALFS/profiles/LFS/config_tarball general.ent

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Feb 4 12:19:05 PST 2004

jamie at wrote:
> jamie       04/02/04 12:57:26
>   Modified:    profiles/LFS/chapter05 glibc.xml
>                profiles/LFS/chapter06 glibc.xml
>                profiles/LFS/config_seperate general.ent
>                profiles/LFS/config_tarball general.ent
>   Log:
>   Added support for changing the linker filename in general.ent to make it easier to build on non-x86 arch's.

This is not the right change, unfortunately. The /etc/ file 
does not change names (at least as long glibc is being used). What the 
request was related to was the linker names in the specs patch, I 
believe, in the "adjusting toolchain" steps.

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