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  Corrected the installation and running instructions given for the latest LFS profile.
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   2. Quick start
  -To configure, compile, install and run nALFS, just type:
  +To configure, compile and install nALFS, just type:
       make install
  -    nALFS profile/LFS-*/LFS-*.xml
  +To run nALFS with the latest stable LFS profile you first need to 
  +make a symbolic link to the correct config directory. For more 
  +information on doing this please see:
  -This will start nALFS using the latest stable LFS profile, which is
  -included in the nALFS distribution. When you enter the program, type
  -'?' for a list of all available commands.
  +    profile/LFS-*/README
  +When you enter the program, type '?' for a list of all available 
   Note: If you are upgrading from a version prior to 1.2.0, and you are
   installing into the same location as the previous version, you must

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