[alfs-discuss] Problem downloading sources for LFS 8.0 book

Don Cross cosinekitty at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 19:10:00 PDT 2018

Hello. I have manually completed two LFS builds before now (on amd64 and on
Raspberry Pi, based on http://intestinate.com/pilfs/), just so you know I'm
not a total noob!  :)

I'm trying ALFS for the first time. I'm trying to build LFS (System V) 8.0
because that is the highest version that is described as being compatible
with jhalfs-2.4, according to

The main problem is jhalfs can't download this file because it doesn't

I think this URL is coming from
which I'm guessing ends up being used to generate my local file
/mnt/build_dir/sources/urls.lst (?)

When I use my browser to look at the directory
... I see lfs-bootscripts-20170626.tar.bz2 instead. But when I look in
wget-list in that same directory, it specifies downloading
So I'm thinking that is a bug, but I'm not sure how to correct this problem
in the jhalfs-2.4 build process.

What should I do? Is there some way to hack the build process to use the
20170626 version of the file, or do I need to find the 20150222 version
from somewhere else?

Incidentally, the following URL is giving me a 500 Internal Server Error.
(Maybe a temporary outage?)

I found the following instead, and it hashes to the same md5 checksum:

I just threw that in my $SRC_ARCHIVE, so I'm not worried about this one so
much. Just thought the maintainers would want to know.

Thanks in advance for any help.  LFS is an awesome educational resource!
- Don
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