[alfs-discuss] Default setting for LC_ALL in envars.conf should be changed

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Mon Oct 30 03:01:16 PDT 2017


Just a heads up I am getting a lot of warnings and also an error (in new 
glib) for packages using meson:
Warning: You are using 'ANSI_X3.4-1968' which is not a 
Unicode-compatible locale.
You might see errors if you use UTF-8 strings as filenames, as strings, 
or as file contents.
Please switch to a UTF-8 locale for your platform.
The reason is that LC_ALL is set to "C" in envars.conf (the default). 
This takes precedence to LANG, which is likely to be set to an UTF-8 
locale when sourcing /etc/profile later. I am not sure what to do:
- remove LC_ALL setting, and expect LANG setting from 
/etc/profile.d/i18n.sh is UTF-8 and does not break the builds
- set LC_ALL to en_US.UTF-8
- create a C.UTF-8 locale (as at least debian does), and use that.

Right now, I have just commented out the LC_ALL setting in envars.conf, 
and let the system use fr_FR.UTF-8 from i18n.sh. But I expect any 
package expecting the locale to be English to be broken...


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