Some additional fixes for building CLFS with jhalfs

code monkey lfscodemonkey at
Sun Sep 12 08:06:01 PDT 2010

I have found some additional fixes needed to jhalfs for building of
CLFS.     A patch is attached with the fixes.

Some time ago, CLFS was changed to build with eglibc rather than glibc.
This package change also requires some changes to jhalfs for it to build
CLFS properly.

Additionally,  this patch fixes an old issue with CLFS 1.1.0 regarding
chroot building.   jhalfs fails to build CLFS 1.1.0 chroot mode because
e2fsprogs is built for the chroot and it requires some special handling
(just as the util-linux package already did..)

Also jhalfs was not running the glibc check step due to the CLFS book having
an extra line of user input before the 'make -k check' line:

<screen os="n"><userinput>cp -v
../eglibc-&eglibc-version;/iconvdata/gconv-modules iconvdata
make -k check >eglibc-check-log 2>&1 ; grep Error

    <para os="o">The EGLIBC test suite is highly dependent on certain
functions of

The patch fixes it so that jhalfs will now at least run the eglibc test
although the extra line of user input "cp -v ../eglibc....." does not get
executed.   Maybe that can be fixed also but I don't yet know xsl well
enough to get that done also.    The missing extra line of user input does
not seem to be crucial.

Some problems still remain to be fixed (jhalfs cannot download the CLFS book
being the main one) but with this patch (and the previous one I sent),
jhalfs works reasonably well with building the current CLFS book.

   Can the powers that be please review my two patches and add them to the
jhalfs repository?
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