JHALFS patch to work with current CLFS book.

code monkey lfscodemonkey at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 09:46:01 PDT 2010


    I have been using jhalfs to build CLFS and have found a few issues in
jhalfs that need fixing.

    A patch is attached with the fixes.

    The first is that the build of util-linux in chroot has to be dealt with
as a special case.   The CLFS package name changed from util-linux to
util-linux-ng and this requires a tweak to the file name for it to continue
to be recognized as needing special attention.

   The second is that CLFS uses the iputils-s... package and the '-s' in the
tarball name doesn't match the normal string-digit format the code is
looking for.   So, iputils is added as an additional special case in the

   And the third is that CLFS specifies some .xz and .lzma tarball
packages.   The code change is to also recognize .xz and .lzma as tarballs
of interest.

   Please review and apply this patch to the jhalfs code.

    I think that is all the fixes needed for jhalfs to work with the current
CLFS book..     I might find some more before I'm done though...
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