BLFS error in jhalfs svn

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On 9/2/10, sacarde <sacarde at> wrote:
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>> > I am running from livecd-lfs-6.3
>> You are supposed to boot into the new lfs system before you start building
>> blfs.
> you are running BLFS-jhalfs from LFS-system ?
> but for run jhalfs you have to install:
> libxml2  2.6.27
> libxslt  1.1.20
> tidy 2007
> docbook xml 4.5
> and
> xproto >= 7.0.13
> is it true ?
> but lfs not has this packages

(except that xproto is not required to run jhalfs, that was a result
of building in the wrong place.)
You may also need to install svn and some networking like dhcpcd.

Instead of booting, you can use chroot.
Using chroot is similar to what was done in ch6.
The advantage of using chroot is that you can have access to the host
system's (livecd's) networking and desktop environment.

Chrooting after chapter 6  involves:
6.2.2. Mounting and Populating /dev
6.2.3. Mounting Virtual Kernel File Systems
6.62. Cleaning Up
I copy the command from the book for reference:
if [ "$LFS" == "" ]; then echo "please set LFS"; fi
mount -v --bind /dev $LFS/dev
mount -vt devpts devpts $LFS/dev/pts
mount -vt tmpfs shm $LFS/dev/shm
mount -vt proc proc $LFS/proc
mount -vt sysfs sysfs $LFS/sys
chroot "$LFS" /usr/bin/env -i \
    HOME=/root TERM="$TERM" PS1='\u:\w\$ ' \
    PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin \
    /bin/bash --login

At some point, you must face booting into the new lfs system.
Some people prefer to work on the new lfs system which will only have
a text console until x-window-system and a desktop enviroment has been

Jhalfs still works either way.

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