BLFS error in jhalfs svn

linux fan linuxscratch at
Wed Sep 1 07:06:05 PDT 2010

On 9/1/10, sacarde <sacarde at> wrote:

> now I have error in :
> scripts/004-z-python: line 66: syntax error: enexpected end of file

Indeed. It is so.
My scripts/008-z-python" line 33 contains:
"cfcd4b9b00ba1e7496b5d823692370a4  $PACKAGE" | md5sum -c -

There should be a newline between "bz2" and "echo".
But it is jammed together "python-2.6-docs-html.tar.bz2echo"

Under "Optional HTML Documentation", there is possibly a bug in the
python page, or a bug in jhalfs-svn which does not place that newline,
or possibly a bug in the wget list, or some other bug.

You simply edit and place that newline.

You should always learn to proofread and make sure that all the
scripts are error-free before running make to actually build the BLFS
packages via jhalfs.
This is part of the learning.

Please be aware that with BLFS, jhalfs can be 90% accurate, and
sometimes better.
Where it fails, you must engineer a fix.

Where meta-packages like xorg7, gnome, etc., are involved, the
accuracy can possibly drop to 80%.

A few packages will produce scripts that are very poor.

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