Alternative aBLFS implementation

Ernesto forosylistas at
Thu Mar 27 17:25:16 PDT 2008


I'd like to propose an alternative automated BLFS implementation, using the 
debian package tools, dpkg and APT, altough in a manner perhaps it was not 
intended to be used.
The result will be an aBLFS implementation "more automatic", easier to 
mantain, and with excellent and fully automated dependency management, and 
perhaps with less development effort.

What I propose is to parse the book at a centralized location, and generate a 
set of .deb packages instead of the configuration files. This packages should 
consist of just the config files:

control: with the required fields and most important, the dependencies,
preinst: with the download locations of the source code for the software and 
the commands needed to install
postinst: with the post installation steps, such as the creation of config 
files and installation of init scripts (which should be another package 
marked as "required" when needed).
prerm and postrm: could be useful.

This way, the aBLFS .deb or .dsc package would be very small. Once generated, 
a repository for them should be set up.

Maybe this method could even ease the load of the BLFS sites where the book is 
served, beacuse instead any of the new aBLFS users, instead of downloading 
the entire book would just download the list of packages and the packages 

I hope you find in this implementation as much advantages as I and more, and 
most of all, have expressed the idea with clarity, since English is my second 

I love LFS systems, and the ALFS project which makes my life nicer and 
simpler :-)


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