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M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Sat Apr 28 08:43:17 PDT 2007

El Jueves, 26 de Abril de 2007 23:41, Matthew Burgess escribió:
> Hi guys.
> At the moment, Jhalfs doesn't track what files are installed by each
> package it installs.  This causes me problems when upgrading packages in
> LFS, as I can't easily figure out if there are any new binaries or
> libraries that need adding to the book.

Committed a first try in r3353. It's based in part on your patch but without 
touching XSL code and adding a configuration option to enable it.

The configuration option is under "Build Settings" menu above the test-suite 
settings. It's off by default.

Can you test if it work as expected?

Note that this feature will log the actual files created/installed by the book 
commands included the ones created before configuring the package, if any, 
not only the files installed by the package "make install".

But that is also true in part for your patch, that logs the files moved or 
linked by the book commands placed after a "make install" instead of logging  
the actual files that will be installed by a plain "make install". 

That meant that to verify if that move/linking commands are still needed you 
will have to review the build log and/or build the package manually using a 
DESTDIR approach (like until now).

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