IHLFS: an utility to help install and packagemanager.

Stef Bon stef at bononline.tk
Tue Sep 19 01:35:19 PDT 2006


(posted before in lfs.general)

after I've been working with trip, a packagemanager for LFS, I've been busy
working on a simple program - ihlfs - which is aimed to help you when
installing files.

It creates a cache or buffer between your buildenvironment and the root
filesystem. This makes it possible to view all changes a command like "make
install" will do. If you're not happy, you can start all over again, and
the root filesystem stays unchanged.

For example, you want to know the installation you ahve is FHS compliant.
With ihlfs you can view all files before they are installed.

Or when you want to know which directories and files will be overwritten.

At this moment it is only in testfase. It needs testing and real install is
not yet functional.

It's quite an experience to delete crucial files and directories in what
looks like your system. You can even delete your whole system:

rm -rf /*

(if the environment lets you)
but when you exit the shell there is your system, unchainged as before.

To install:
unpack the source

tar -xjf ihlfs-1.*.tar.bz2

cd ihlfs-1.0a?


After this enter:


(note this only works when the filesystem for the cache is mounted)

you enter the install environment

just test, delete, create and modify files.

With the commando's:




you can:

list or view the changes so far

flush commit all changes form cache to the root filesystem

clean undo all changes

It is very possible to make a packagemanager with it.

Stef Bon
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