BLFS profile status and nALFS update

Joachim Beckers jbeckers at
Sun Sep 19 04:53:45 PDT 2004


jazernorth wrote:
> Thomas Pegg wrote:
>> 5.1 is basically ready anyway, we've just been testing it to make sure
>> it works like it should. Joachim and I we're discussing doing some sort
>> of a prerelease of the profile, before doing a final release, then 5.1
>> is done and over with at that point.
> So where do we find this BLFS-5.1 profile?  I know that it would be 
> test/unstable.

As thomas said, we're still discussing some kind of pre-release. 
Personally I feel the profile isn't ready to be released yet, and it 
might still take some time until it's ready.

If you do want to test what we have right now, checkout the svn-version 
of the profile (svn co 
svn:// And 
please don't forget to report any bugs you might find.

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