nalfs failing "Unable to open archive when checking digest ... "

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jul 17 11:48:08 PDT 2004

james osburn wrote:

> nAlfs 1.2.4 is failing on in file nALFS-1.2.4/src/lib/digest.c line 172 :
> ....
> else {
> Nprint_err(Unable to open the archive when checking digest: $s",file)
> }

There is no need to run the debugger and post source code snippets... we 
all know the program well enough to help you if you just post the error 
messages you are receiving :-)

There are no digest "files" at all, if that's what you are asking. 
However, this message is saying that nALFS could not open the tarball 
(package) file at all, which it was doing so that it could compute an 
MD5 sum and compare it to the digest in the profile.

If nALFS could not open the file, you have a more severe problem. Either 
the package files are not where your profile expects them to be, or 
there is a permissions problem.

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