SVN reorg: Profiles

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jul 10 22:21:49 PDT 2004

The profiles have been moved... the new directories are:

ALFS/profiles/LFS/branches/testing (created as a copy of trunk, so the 
changes reverted from LFS unstable in testing will need to be reverted 
in the profile as well)

Working copies of the BLFS profile will need to be switched to the new URL:

svn switch svn+ssh://

Working copies of the LFS unstable profile will need to be switched to 
the new URL:

svn switch svn+ssh://

The LFS profile branches and tags have all been renamed to match the 
actual version numbers (no more use of underscore instead of '.', and no 
need for LFS in the tag/branch name). However, because these branches 
and tags were made in CVS at the profiles/LFS directory level, they are 
represented that way in SVN as well. This means that if you:

svn co svn:// LFS-5.1

You will not end up with a profile in LFS-5.1; it will be in 
LFS-5.1/profiles/LFS. This will be fixed, but not until tomorrow as I 
need to set up a script to do it.

As referred to in the message about the DTD reorg, all the profiles have 
been updated to grab the current 3.1 DTD when they are checked out, and 
have had their DTD references changed to just "ALFS.dtd".

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