SVN reorg: DTD

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sat Jul 10 22:12:38 PDT 2004

The DTDs have been moved to ALFS/DTD/trunk and ALFS/DTD/branches/3.1. No 
revision history was lost.

There is an ALFS/DTD/tags directory, but nothing present in it because 
we previously have not tagged DTD releases. However, in the future we 
should being doing that, so that when we make revisions to already 
released DTDs (as we have been doing with 3.1) they will be more apparent.

The DTD files no longer have the version number in the filename, since 
they are now branched instead of being separate files in directory. All 
the profiles have been updated to checkout the DTD from the correct 
location, and to refer to ALFS.dtd instead of ALFS-3.1.dtd.

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