Blfs profile

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon Jul 5 22:29:32 PDT 2004

Kendrick wrote:
> Elo all  Im a bit new on the list but have been working with lfs and 
> alfs for quite a while. I was wondering where I could take a look at the 
> blfs profile.  I understand it is not functional due to prerequisites 
> being a release target for 2.0, I am still rather interested to see what 
> has been done so far with it. Kendrick

The only method to view the BLFS profile at the moment is via SVN; for 
now, go to, select Project "ALFS" in the 
upper right corner, then navigate to trunk/profiles/BLFS.

Once we are happy that the profile works for BLFS 5.1 it will be 
released in tarball form, and we will start releasing daily snapshots of 
the "unstable" version that will follow BLFS development.

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