ALFS project converted to Subversion

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Jul 4 10:52:59 PDT 2004

The conversion seems to have been successful, I have been working this 
morning with no problems.

I have changed all "CVS" references throughout the project's files to 
"CVS", except for the docs that James maintains as I'm not sure what to 
change there. The Makefiles and render scripts now use SVN instead of 
CVS in generated filenames. The snapshot version of nALFS is now 
versioned as SVN instead of CVS. The LFS unstable profile is now 
versioned as SVN instead of CVS in LFS.xml and README, although that was 
overdue anyway since the LFS team was already using Subversion.

The website needs some changes: the Downloads/Current CVS link should be 
renamed, and the target is now /alfs/downloads/svn. The "nALFS 
Development (CVS)" page needs to be renamed and have text changes, but 
this also needs to be done for the LFS project as well.

If anyone notices anything else that still refers to CVS please fix it 
if you can or mention it if you can't :-)

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