Subversion migration

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Sat Jul 3 11:20:45 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming said:
> The ALFS subversion migration will be done overnight (US time) tonight.
> Jeremy Utley will post here when the conversion is complete, along with
> the relevant checkout instructions.

Further info, here's how the conversion will proceed:

1) Write access to the CVS repository will be disabled (Ownership/Group
will be changed to root on the server)
2) The new ALFS repository will be initialized on belgarath
3) The cvs2svn script will be run, converting the cvs archive over to SVN
4) A New group will be created svnalfs, containing all ALFS editors
5) The repo will be tested with a couple of dummy commits by me, to ensure
access is functioning properly
6) Other users will be added to the svnlfs group, and write access will

All ALFS editors should ensure they have version 1.0.5 of subversion
compiled as soon as possible.  Client configuration is a simple CMMI

If any of you are interested in updates on the conversion process while
it's underway tonite, please feel free to join me on, channel #be-lfs!


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