nALFS2 Daemon and Front Split

Uriah uriah-lfs at
Mon Aug 16 14:10:14 PDT 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Joachim Beckers wrote:

> Uriah wrote:
> [..]
> > Why do such a thing?  If the Daemon machine holds all the packages and 
> > profiles, and the worker can run off of just a floppy, one wont have to 
> > keep reburning CDs with profiles, or wondering which stab of your NFS tree 
> > to use.  Nor do you need a working OS in your target machine.
> So actually what you're requesting is that nALFS could be started from a 
> floppy, right?
> I would say that's impossible, for two reasons:
> 1. 1.44MB is just not enough to include everything that's needed 
> (kernel+init+bash+libxml+nALFS+openssh+curl/wget+...)

Who says you need the extrainious stuff?  Just wanted Kernel+Worker, not
even init!  And the Worker idea was to be so stripped of functionality
that it would be smaller than ftpd, mayhaps even smaller than tftpd.

> 2. Floppies are old and the future is getting closer, bringing new media 
> to boot from (cdrom, dvd, usb sticks). Kernel 2.6 doesn't even support 
> booting from a floppy...

Realy, one can't make a floppy boot image with 2.6?  Then what are the 
'bzdisk' and 'fdimage' options for?

Floppies are old, but guess what, the standard will outlast the media!  
Ever wonder how a bootable CDROM works?  It emulates a bootable 2.88 Meg
floppy!  I have yeat to pick up a bootable USB stick, but then again, not
all of my machines at home have USB or CDs in them, but they all have 

Anyway, Kevin's explanation was good enough for me.  nALFS daemon may not
be small enough to fit on a bootdisk with a kernel, but probably on a
rootdisk of its own with a little bit of work.  A stripped static compile
of nALFS-1.2.4 takes up about 1.5M now.  If I was to tell gcc to optimize
for size and/or use an embeded libc I'm sure the size can be shrunk a
significant amount.  After the frontend/backend split, the probably of
fitting to a floppy will increase significantly.


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