nALFS2 Daemon and Front Split

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Aug 12 10:24:22 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess wrote:

> Well, I was surprised at how quickly Relax-NG validation was compared to
> DTD validation.  When validating the LFS book against the docbook-rng
> schema I didn't think it had done anything as it was that quick. 
> Removing an end tag to produce obviously invalid XML soon proved me
> wrong!  In short, I don't think users will notice at all if the client
> was to validate a profile before doing anything with it.

That's good to hear... that was my biggest concern with automatic 
validation, although there is another as well. I don't believe there's 
any standard means for the profile to reference the schema it should be 
validated against (unlike a DTD), so nALFS2 would somehow have to know 
what schema to use. In addition, being able to load multiple profiles 
means they could potentially be written using different syntax versions, 
and thus require different schemas.

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