nALFS2 Daemon and Front Split

James Robertson jwrober at
Wed Aug 11 17:43:51 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
  > Agreed with all, except for profile editing. I don't know if that
> belongs in an ALFS client at all, since what is required is a DTD- or 
> schema-aware XML editor, there's nothing special about editing ALFS 
> profiles vs. general XML documents. If someone wants to integrate an 
> editor into their client that's cool, but as far as the daemon is 
> concerned it will just be asked to drop and reload a new version of a 
> profile, it won't be aware of the edits themselves, and it won't have 
> any reason to spit the original XML back out to the client after it has 
> parsed it.

Are there any good DTD- or schema-aware XML editors out there?  I have
not found one.  I use vim.

What "end" makes sure the profile is valid?  I would think back-end
daemon.  Are there mechanism to go a "test" run before actual run to see
if there are any errors?  I was thinking for things like copy.  Make
sure that the files asked for are present and the checksums are valid
before actually running the build.


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