requests for nALFS2

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Tue Aug 10 17:11:39 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> 2) I think the md5sum checking should be optional. Jeremy Utley tells me
> he generally does a "sed -i "/<digest>/d" *" to remove that bit.  I
> understand.  It feels like another potential point of failure and more
> work to make sure you've got it right.  Of course I also understand why
> some may like and use that feature, but I personally would prefer to do
> that when I'm getting the packages myself, and not have it be a
> potential stopper to the automation.

There will be some means of doing this, it's just not been worked out. 
Suggestions are welcome.

However, IMHO the "official" profile should always include digest 
checking, and should not have any conditional logic to turn it off. If 
users want to do that on their own, that's fine. Too many relative 
newbies download nALFS and the official profile (when they really 
shouldn't, but that's another issue) and this extra level of checking 
can be very useful for them.

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