nALFS programming details

Kendrick kendrick at
Tue Aug 10 12:53:35 PDT 2004

James Robertson wrote:

> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> Right, now I'm back from my business trip I really want to get the ball
>> rolling on fleshing out the idea's we've had so far.
>> As for communication protocols between the client and server I'm
>> inclined to do as Kevin suggested and use a well know standard even if
>> it seems a little overkill at the moment. If its done properly first
>> time then even if the project grows into something more than what we
>> envisage it at the moment we should have all the bases covered. After
>> doing a lot of reading on what would be best I've come to the conclusion
>> that SOAP is what nALFS2 should be using.
>> For validation RelaxNG will be used.
>> XmlTextReader will do the parsing.
>> If anyone has any objections or thinks we should be doing something
>> different then say now before I fire up vi to do some coding ;)
>>         --      Jamie
> Let's get a good requirements/features document put together with some 
> detail on all the pieces we want.  The wiki is a fine place to put it 
> and continue to use the list to discuss pieces.  Jamie - are you 
> keeping the wiki synced with discussions?  This would be important to 
> have one person at least responsible for keeping those pages up to 
> date.  I am inclined to agree with Kevin that (from other thread) that 
> we should not be trying to have conversation in the wiki - I missed on 
> that.
> I have seen too many development projects go to crap because the team 
> did not think the whole pie out before hacking out code.  If we get 
> the whole set of features/requirements down on [virtual] paper with 
> details as to what we are thinking about, this will really help us 
> down the road.
> With this information in hand, we can come up with a clear roadmap as 
> to what happens when, what programming language will be used, 
> toolsets/libraries selected to fit our needs.  We can use scripting 
> languages (like what Kevin said) to build quickie proof of concept 
> stuff to help flesh out our ideas, but those would happen during the 
> requirements definition phase.  Some scripting languages could be used 
> later for different clients, but that is not really an issue - what is 
> an issue is having a clearly defined direction that we all agree on 
> before writing any real code.
> James

Ive been trying to keep the wiki up to date on things that seem to be 
pretty much agreed on   and  then things  that are being talked about 
but not nessasarly agreed on.  Im thinking of adding a  nalfsd and 
nalfs  requirements/features? page to break down what each item needs/is 
doing if we think that will be benifical

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