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Roger Merchberger zmerch at
Mon Aug 9 14:41:45 PDT 2004

Rumor has it that Matthew Burgess may have mentioned these words:
>On Mon, 09 Aug 2004 23:00:29 +0200
>Joachim Beckers <jbeckers at> wrote:
> > I was wondering whether we should think about making nALFS2
> > object-oriented. That of course requires that it would be written in
> > c++, and I don't think any of us is a real c++ programmer. (I try to
> > be one, but so far I've only read a couple of books about it :-)
>I was going to ask the same think myself, but didn't want to start a
>language-war :)  If C++ is chosen, there is of course libxml++ - a C++
>wrapper of libxml2.  Whilst not a 'real' C++ programmer by any means,
>I'd love to be able to use this as an excuse to do some real work in it
>for once.  Alternatively there are the more'modern' languages like
>python or ruby. <fx: Matt dons his asbestos suit /> :)

Frankly, if you were looking for me to help out in something I'm more than 
a hack at, it'd have to be Basic-09 on my old Tandy Color Computer... ;-) 
(6809 assembly would be OK, too...)

However, I have gotten rather decent at Python myself, so if it were 
shifted to this, I could at least help out instead of just making wisecracks...

I just enough C to be dangerous, and c++? I'd survive that about as well as 
a snowball in Hades...

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