nALFS2 development

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Fri Aug 6 09:04:16 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote on 06 August 2004 15:26
> Jamie Bennett wrote:
>> SAX allows for actions to take on entry/exit to a entity which would make
>> things alot easier for actions such as only checking dependacies, only
>> downloading and verifing, only extracting <description> tags e.t.c based
>> on state information.
> That is ideal then, it sounds like SAX is the way to go.

The more I delve into SAX the more I'm put off it at the moment. It seems
but the developer of SAX says :-

"The problem is that this programming model is relatively complex, not well 
standardized, cannot provide validation directly, makes entity, namespace
base processing relatively hard."

Mmmm .... He goes on to suggest that the XmlTextReader Interface is better
suited to most applications rather than SAX. It too is a state based parser
which traverses a document stream stopping at each element and executing the
correct code for it so this is where my thoughts are at the moment.

His other notable comment is

"In a nutshell the XmlTextReader API provides a simpler, more standard and
extensible interface to handle large documents than the existing SAX

Anyone with XML programming knowledge have thoughts on this?

	--	Jamie

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