nALFS2 development

Kendrick kendrick at
Thu Aug 5 19:33:48 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
>> Ahhh... parsing. I don't much care whether it's SAX or DOM, because I 
>> don't see any reason for profiles to continue to be monstrous 
>> combined entities. Rather, I'd like to see each package be in its own 
>> profile, and nALFS can be told to load a whole bunch of them and them 
>> sort them into a usable order (based on dependencies, stage names, 
>> etc). This will require nALFS to be able to feed entity values into 
>> the parser (which can be done with libxml2), and this is good because 
>> there has been a need to be able to provide environment variable 
>> values as entities within profiles for some time.
> I missed a really important point here: I see great value in being 
> able to provide a "profile repository", something that could be a 
> public server (the LFS team could have one, as could anyone else), 
> where you could connect using the nALFS front end of your choice and 
> pick profile bits that you wanted. This could be a big project by 
> itself, given that it would need to support some sort of "packages" of 
> profile bits that go together, versioning, and other stuff, but it 
> would be really, really cool.

I REALLY like this idea allot and it would allow something like the 
hints section to be included for unusual configurations. 

Can we make a more or less formal list of what nalfs2 should be?  ie 
kevins idea of the nalfs and nalfsd.  This is the first time I have seen 
that listed.  Lets get ideas on what is needed to make 2 work.  if 
nothing else a white board type of thing  for ideas?    That would allow 
discussion on protocols and such if we know what every one is thinking of. 

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