nALFS2 development

Kendrick kendrick at
Thu Aug 5 13:30:50 PDT 2004

Jamie Bennett wrote:

>  This one mainly goes out to Kevin but in the vague hope that anyone
>else is working on this I thought I'd post it to the list. Are you
>Kevin, or anyone else, working on a nALFS replacement at the moment? I
>know Kevin talked about it but he's been busy with his new start-up at
>the moment and I've come to the point where this is needed by myself
>  I've been asked by my customers to provide a yum like source based
>package manager for the updating of their servers. Previously I've used
>nALFS but a more friendly GUI interface is what they desire which can be
>used over a network connection hence a definite split between the server
>and client. I've been toying with the idea of working on splitting nALFS
>properly but there are so many things that I wish to change that I feel
>it would be worth-while making a complete break and moving over to
>nALFS2. Among my needs are :-
>	o	complete split of front-end and back-end to allow 		different
>front-ends and the compiling of profiles over 		a network (think farming
>off profile compilation to one 		dedicated profile compiling server).
>	o	a new gui, web based for me, but could be anything 		(GTK/QT).
>	o	SAX based parsing. 
>	o	package downloading and verification before compilation.
>	o	dependency resolution.
>	o	proper logging for un-installation.
>  These are just some of my idea's.
>  Now I'd be happier to work along side other people to develop a tool
>that could do all/most of the above as it would save me time and effort
>but if need be I'll be going solo as this is something that is a
>necessity for me now. 
>  Thoughts, idea's?
>	--	Jamie
I agree with you on some of that...  I could see a web based installer 
working really well dunno how that could be implemented though. I would 
be happy to do what i can to help you out on this project.

if you were to do it web based how would you serve the pages and would 
they be a php js or what kind of page to go through and show what 
packages have been selected and info on said package?

I have been kinda kicking around the idea of a simple cli program? maybe 
one that could support x as well that would generate a profile and once 
the profile was made then insert it in to nalf to be run but im not sure 
about that either.  was looking in to one with ncurses with the feel 
smiler to mc  minicom and the kernel menuconfig.  since im not much of a 
programmer though it hasent gone far.

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