ALFS DTD going into CVS, get your opinions in now...

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Mon Oct 27 16:48:36 PST 2003

James Robertson wrote:

> I would put the DTD straight under ALFS/ALFS.dtd and not bury it under
> docs.  It "is" the DTD, not documentation on it.

Yes, that's a better idea.

> On a similar, but off-topic, does your script to build a distro tarball
> include the docs yet and then a target in the build system you just
> made?  If not, what do I need to provide you to be able to do that?

The current tarball does include a "doc" directory, but nothing from 
that directory is currently installed onto the target system (i.e. all 
that stuff just sits in the unpacked source directory only). However, my 
plan is to include the user's guide and hacker's guide in HTML form 
(your preference as to single-file or multi-file, single-file is better 
for me) in the doc directory in the tarball, then install them into 
<prefix>/share/nALFS when nALFS is installed. To make this work, there 
will need to be HTML-formatted copies of the guides available whenever a 
tarball of nALFS is being readied; I don't want to force the nALFS 
developer to have to have all the docbook/DSSSL stuff installed just to 
make an nALFS tarball. It doesn't matter much to me whether the guides 
are just "daily snapshotted" into HTML form, or whether we just go and 
get the most recent "stable" release of the guides. Either way, that 
step will be added to the hacker's guide in the section I already sent 
you about making a distribution tarball.

> Are we going to include the DTD in the tarball that is to be used with
> the version of nALFS in the tarball?  Do we have copies of the older
> versions of the DTD available?  The only one I am familiar with is the
> v3.1 on Vassili's website.  Seeing as how you want to add <install> to
> the DTD, we are moving to v3.2.  I think that is a person wants an older
> version of the DTD, they can go get it.  That can be put in the Hacker's
> guide under the CVS section (when I get that section in :-) ).

My plan is to include the most recent DTD (i.e. matching the highest 
version number supported by any handler in the tarball) in the tarball 
itself (this will also get installed into <prefix>/share/nALFS). If the 
user wants an older version, they _may_ be able to find it on, if we've found an older one. Right now I have a 3.1 DTD, 
which is an updated version of Vassili's, and that's all. However, 
that's all we need for the moment, we haven't produced a newer syntax 
version yet and won't for 1.2.0.

If anyone knows where there are copies of the 2.0 and 3.0 DTDs (not the 
2.1.11 that is on Mark's site, that has diverged from 2.0 obviously) I'd 
appreciate pointers to them. I'm going to create an ALFS/DTD directory, 
then place the DTDs in there as ALFS-X.y.dtd. Once that is done, the 
"ALFS DTD Syntax Document" link on the website needs to point the user 
to somewhere that they can see both the DTD itself (for manual download 
if they desire) and the syntax_doc that describes the content of the 
DTD. I can modify my "nALFS snapshot" script to put copies of the DTDs 
into alfs/view/dtd for the website, or anywhere else you want them.

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